Bordighera Beaches

Join us as we take you on a journey through the beautiful town of Bordighera, a place renowned for its comfortable beaches that stretch along the town’s long coastline. These beaches are as diverse as they are numerous, each characterized by its size and amenities.

Bordighera’s beaches share a distinctive trait: each consists mainly of round pebbles, sprinkled occasionally with stretches of coarse sand.

Choosing your ideal beach may seem like a daunting task given the city’s rich coastline. But don’t be afraid!

To help you in this research, we have classified the coast into very clear zones.

This comprehensive division will make your choice easier, ensuring that you choose the perfect place to enjoy a pleasant day at the beach in Bordighera.

In the following paragraphs we will delve into each area, its peculiarities and the wonders it holds, helping you to fully experience the seaside charm of Bordighera.

Beach of Rattaconigli

The westernmost beach on Bordighera’s coastline, Rattaconigli Beach, is the largest and most spacious beach you will find in town.

Rattaconigli, is the newest in Bordighera’s beach scene and, in addition to boasting the largest extension, is also the stretch that offers the most free beaches.

The beach is an ideal place for beach lovers seeking a comfortable and intimate bathing experience.

Behind the beach runs a well-maintained bicycle and pedestrian promenade that connects the nearby town of Vallecrosia. Rattaconigli Beach also has plenty of parking available nearby, making access very easy.

Convenient public facilities, including showers and changing rooms, further enhance beach facilities.

Rattaconigli Beach is home to five well-spaced bars along its length, which also offer restaurant service and beach chair and sunbed rentals.

Beaches west of the station

West of Bordighera’s train station are some truly remarkable beaches, not only easily accessible but well equipped to provide moments of fun and relaxation.

Nestled between the station and the wide Rattaconigli beach, this piece of coastal paradise is a breeze to reach by car, with plenty of parking options along the nearby waterfront.

But ease of access is not everything. Bathing establishments offering rentals and windsurfing lessons (especially at the NST establishment), floating platforms with trampolines, and fun games for children await you.

One of San Marco Beach’s biggest attractions, however, is its swimming pool, equipped with a slide that will keep the little ones entertained. The beach also offers a range of entertainment options designed especially for children. So while the grown-ups relax on the beach, the little ones can have fun.

For those who want some relaxation, the small but quiet Maoma Beach is the place to spread your beach towel on your sunbed and bask in the sun. Don’t miss their cuisine!

And if you are in the mood for a full day of relaxation in the sun, you can simply choose the beach below the Saalino bar and rent a sunbed for the whole day for only 5 euros.

This stretch of beach is undoubtedly a must-visit destination for those seeking a mix of convenience, fun and tranquility by the enchanting sea of Bordighera.

Beaches east of the station

East of the Bordighera train station you will find the beaches that extend to the Sant’Ampelio traffic circle. These beaches are conveniently located near the city center and various stores.

In terms of beach quality and amenities, these eastern beaches are quite similar to those west of the station.

What differentiates them, however, is the number of bathing establishments that also operate restaurants. These restaurants are open all day and evening and offer visitors a variety of gastronomic offerings.

These restaurants are also popular during the winter months: if you are in Bordighera during this period, you will appreciate the opportunity to dine by the sea while enjoying dishes prepared with fresh catch.

So no matter when you visit them, these beaches offer more than just a great place to sunbathe and surf. They give you a wonderful dining experience right by the sea.

Cliffs of St. Ampelio


The St. Ampelius Cliffs are a hidden treasure known mostly to locals.

This area, characterized by spacious cliffs jutting out into the sea, is not usually chosen by tourists for a day at the beach. The rocks are very often preferred over the comfortable sunbeds of city beaches.

Nevertheless, it is a much-loved place for “Bordigans,” who remember the countless diving competitions that have always taken place here.

The water around these rocks is known for its exceptional clarity, believed to be the cleanest in the city. This location also offers a unique sea scent that you might not find in other beach areas of Bordighera.

Visitors are advised to equip themselves with a diving mask if they wish to explore the underwater landscape around the rocks.

An additional point of interest is a submerged tunnel that runs from one side of the cliff to the other: adventurous swimmers often enjoy looking for this tunnel, making their visit to the Sant’Ampelio Cliffs an even more exciting experience.

Arziglia Beach


Arziglia Beach, tucked away to the east of the marina, is probably one of Bordighera’s least visited tourist spots.

Offering year-round tranquility, it provides a serene beach experience and a quiet corner to relax in any season.

Historically, Arziglia was a fishermen’s shelter, a fact evidenced in numerous historical paintings depicting the beach at that time.

Today it is largely characterized as a free beach, open to the public without charge.

However, part of the beach, about one-third, is managed by a local bathing establishment that provides umbrellas and sunbeds for rent, offering additional amenities to visitors.

This combination of historic charm and modern amenities makes Arziglia Beach a unique and enjoyable destination.

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